Its been a lovely surprise to have a warm December so far on island. The island is bare of foliage, hushed in the silence of winter awaiting the beginning of the New Year. This is the time of year for fireplace conversations while enjoying peanuts and beers at the Ale House. Or the enjoyment of no lines while waiting for your cup of joe and muffin from Mocha Motts. The towns streets are lit up in the glow of Christmas decorations as locals and visitors alike finish up holiday shopping. The sunsets are something to behold in the winter when the air is cold and crisp. It does something to the colors of the sky, they burn brighter and with more brilliance. We invite you to stay with us this winter as you explore the wonderland that is Marthas Vineyard. Wherever you are, we wish you the happiest and healthiest of Holidays this year from our family to yours.